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One in five girls left or missed school because they didn't have period products. This Year. In America

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The Kwek Society

End Period Poverty.


The Kwek Society is a nonprofit with a mission to address period poverty in Native American communities. Just two years old, this determined group supplies Native students and communities the period products they need to maintain their dignity and celebrate their strength and their moon times. They collaborate with schools and Native programs across North America and Canada, in rural areas, suburbs, and cities, to eliminate period poverty among Native Americans. Kwe’k” means “women” in the Potawatomi language of Eva Marie Carney, the organization founder.⠀

Together we created a bold brand and website that is focused on their mission – END PERIOD POVERTY. The message is a bold and simple call to action that needs no explanation.


What we created

T-shirt Design, The Kwek Society

Bold. Empowering. Unapologetic. Demanding. Encouraging. Informed.


End Period Poverty
Native American Girl wearing a COVID Mask
Native American Girl practicing Hoop Dancing,
Native American Girl in Traditional Dress
The Kwek Society Messaging, Call to Action, Dignity. Strength, Period Supplies.
Pink Overlay over a photos of a Native American Girl Smiling
Social Media Styling Mocked up on a cell phone
The Kwek Society Business Cards, Brand Collateral
The Kwek Society, End Period Poverty Mug
One in four women struggled to purchase period products this year. An essential Need.
 Kwek Means Women
Period Poverty affects over a quarter of American school children. One in four.
T-shirt Design, The Kwek Society
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