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A new business, a side-hustle, non-profit, event; it is a tremendous moment when you take that brave first step forward with your dream and declare it to the world.

We have experienced the excitement of that very first step in our own business and in our work with many entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

We are here help you take the next step on your journey.

With decades of experience creating solutions for clients including logos, full brand identity, marketing collateral, social media design, our approach is an alchemy of research, experience, and intuition. Our brand design formula begins with your company goals and an analysis of your ideal client and your competition.

We know it isn’t enough to have a pretty design. Your logo and brand are meaningless fluff if they don’t connect you to your customer and audience.

When your brand is more than just a pretty face, you can move forward with confidence knowing you are in the right space and reaching the right people.

Wouldn’t you love to feel confident and proud of your brand? 

When your brand visuals, message, and marketing match the vision you have for your endeavour – well, it gives you the tingles.

Are you ready for that confidence? Let us be your guide and let your dreams take flight.

Our Process

This should be fun!

A brand story that incorporates color, typography, message, and imagery to connect with your ideal audience.

Feel proud and confident.


We begin with a discovery call. Our design process begins with YOU. Your goals, vision, and audience are the things that drive the design direction.


Our brand design formula begins with your objectives. We research your desired audience, competition, and environment.


We apply strategy and creativity to create design mockups for discussion. Our team will modify and refine your selected design with your feedback.


We help you launch a brand that both you and your customers will love.


Brand | Collateral | Web | Social

Launch with confidence

You don’t know what you don’t know.  You aren’t a professional brand designer. We get that. We aren’t going to bog you down with dizzying list of items and techy terms and a thousand decisions.

We will give you everything you need to move confidently forward, no matter what stage you are in.

Brand ID

Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey? Let us help you set the foundation for your business. Together, we will dive into your ideal customer and create a logo, brand and messaging that both you and your customers will love. We will also equip you with the basics to begin creating connections, including stationery design and a branded images for social posts. Finally, you will receive a comprehensive guide to your brand.



Logo design 

  1. Primary logo delivered in color + black
  2. Web, print, and vector versions
  3. Secondary mark (if appropriate)
  4. Full collateral brand package (patterns, palette, and design elements)

You will receive three design concepts and a final refinement of your selection.


  • Business card design + 250 printed cards
  • Digital letterhead and email signature
  • Social account banners
  • Social media templates (2-3 horizontal and square)

Brand Guide

Your brand guide is a complete guide to your design, messaging, and brand implementation.

Brand + Web

Launch to the world-wide-web! When you are ready to connect with your clients online, we are ready help. This package includes all of the Brand ID elements, plus we will create a custom responsive WordPress site for your business.

We take care of all of the techy stuff including setting up your hosting, domain name registration and more.

Finally, we do a recorded training session so you can be in control.




  • Setup of hosting plan (if needed)
  • WordPress setup
  • Newsletter signup form integration
  • Design of site content
  • Social media links/integration
  • Editable CMS (content management system)
  • One-time populating content 
  • Royalty-free images
  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Recorded training session

Full Brand Suite

This is the full shebang. If you are ready to launch large, this package will give you everything to fully set up your business presence.

All the Brand ID elements, PLUS Custom WordPress website, PLUS our Social Starter program. This final step establishes everything you need to create your social marketing program.

STRESS FREE! We set everything up, and give you everything you need to own your brand.



Social Starter

  • Social platform recommendations
  • Set up your recommended social media accounts 
  • Setup a scheduling account for your company
  • Create a Canva account for your company.
  • Create a collection of brand posts for your social profiles
  • Canva templates for you to move forward.
  • Includes writing copy, hashtag research, and royalty-free graphic design
  • Training session


More ways to work together

Every company and project is unique. We will happily work with you to create a package that suits your needs. 

1:1 Brand and Business Coaching

In 10 years of business we have learned a thing or two. Let’s get you on track with your marketing and business goals, your target audience, brand message, and more in this 4-week coaching.

Web Site Development

We help establish your web presence. Leave the setup to us, we will handle the techy stuff. Soon you will have your online site live and ready for business.

Social Starter

Our Social Starter program gives you everything you need to confidently begin using social marketing for your business or non-profit.

Done in a Day

Book our exclusive attention for a day. What can we help you finish? Sales page on your website? Marketing brochure? Set up your Mailchimp? Social copy strategy? Let us know where you are stuck!


Event Support

Branding – Design – Communication


You can have an event, or you can host an experience that creates memories and achieves wonderful results.

Event Brand Design

  • Event Logo Design
  • Secondary Mark
  • Web, print, and vector versions of your logo
  • Brand Event Styling (elements, patterns, palette)
  • Image Styling
  • Messaging
  • Social banners
  • Brand Guide


Full Event Support


Event marketing

  • Print and digital marketing strategies
  • Commercial development
  • Press releases
  • Email campaigns
  • Social campaigns

Full-service design

  • Save the date
  • Custom invitations
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social collateral
  • Event program
  • Sign + stage
  • Mission guide
  • Donation envelopes
  • Menu cards
  • Slide shows
  • Bidding paddles
  • Name badges / VIP access
  • Let’s be creative!


Are you ready to take flight?

Let's start something

A new business. A non-profit that meets the call. An epic event. Our customers are starters. We work with creative visionaries that feel the call to make something. Our team is the wind beneath the wings of their dreams. We provide the practical tools that help those dreams get off of the ground and truly take flight.



Open for business

Ready for your brand to take flight? 

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