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What does your online presence say about your business?

88% of consumers research online before making a purchase. And, when they do so, they make a judgment about your business in mere seconds. Does your online business strategy take this into account?

Your online presence may be the very first encounter a customer has with you. This is your digital first impression. What does yours say about you? Is it helping you bring customers closer, or is it pushing them away?

 In our virtual world, your connection with customers and colleagues will often occur online. A few small tweaks can make the difference between gaining and losing a customer.

If a customer can’t quickly identify what you do and how you meet their need, they will become frustrated and move on.

Your [digital] first impression

How do you know if your business is presenting well? An online business audit. A simple 15-minute review of your online presence will help you determine ways you are connecting well, and areas that may need improvement.  A few updates will position you to be confident in the digital meeting place.

Online brand essentials



To be successful in the online marketplace there are a few brand essentials to have. The first is a website. Your site does not need to be complex to be effective and connect with your customers. Review your site for these items.

  • WHAT DO YOU DO? Clearly show what problem you solve for your customers.
  • HOW CAN THEY WORK WITH YOU? Make certain your contact information is easy to find and that all of the links or contact forms work correctly.
  • BE RELEVANT? Check your site for outdated or old information.
  • HOW CAN YOU HELP? Create content that provides value to your customers.

Business listing

There are several sites that create listings about businesses. Some will be at your direction, but others, like Google, may not. Run a search for your business and see what comes up. You often are able to provide updates, additional information, and ‘claim’ your business listing.

  • Google business listing
  • Yelp business listing
  • Chamber and association listings
  • City and state registries


Social networks are a great place to introduce yourself to customers. These sites allow you to build relationships, educate customers, and showcase your products or services.

  • PICK YOUR CHANNEL. Be active on at least one social channel. Pick the channel where your customer hangs out.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR BIO. Update your profile with a photo of you or your logo and create a clear bio. This isn’t a place to be cutesy. Make sure your bio tells what your business does.
  • CHECK YOUR CONTACT INFO. Make sure your info is up to date.
  • SERVE. Post regular and engaging content that relates to your clients’ needs and how your product or service meets those needs.

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