Tap into abundance

There is enough for everyone

Many charitable and recognition events include a food element. As an event marketer, I am in a position to observe people and how they interact with their food.

I notice that, in general, there are two mindsets when approaching an included (free) buffet of food. One jostles to be first in line, fills the plate to the brim and piles the food high, sometimes balancing two plates at a time. This person anxiously gobbles as to get back in line quickly and obtain another serving before it is gone.

The other often waits until others have been served, visiting and renewing acquaintances in the meantime. A modest amount graces their plate, and they rarely return for a second serving. This meal is consumed at a leisurely pace while visiting with others at their table.

Scarcity versus Plenty

The difference between these two groups is a scarcity versus plenty mindset. The thought that resources are scarce leads one to fear that there just isn’t enough for everyone. This mentality is jealous, and feels bad when someone has something more. It compares and lives with anxiety and fear.

Unfortunately, this mindset will wreak havoc on your business. The result is the constant worry about the state of your business and comparing your success to the success of others. People with a scarcity mentality often exhibit greedy behaviors. They won’t help others who are new in the business. They jealously guard resources and contacts. Even when they are meeting their business goals, they feel bad if someone else is doing better. Scarcity mindset leads to a constant state of comparison and anxiety.

The alternative, of course, is to realize that there are abundant opportunities. The plentiful mentality believes that there is enough for everyone, we aren’t in competition, and we should celebrate others when they succeed.

When fear and envy are removed from the equation, cooperation and collaboration have room to grow.

The plentiful mindset will reap rewards in your business. When fear and envy are removed from the equation, cooperation and collaboration have room to grow. Pooling resources can lead to reduced costs. Working together can lead to achieving larger contracts. Sending referrals to a colleague, lending a helping hand, and cheering a colleague’s success are all outpourings of an abundant philosophy.

Tap into abundance. There is enough for everyone.

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